List of Patterns

Updated 10/02/2019

Here’s an up to date list of the GLBs, Gosu Rori, and Otome no Sewing mooks I currently have. This list can be used for personal reference, or to browse possible design elements if you wish to commission me for a custom piece. 

Read about how commissions work with me here.


These are incredibly difficult to find copies of, and the issues I have listed are all I could find via one on one communications and sales. *If you or someone you know has issues of this publication that they are willing to sell, I would be interested. Please contact me!

Gothic Lolita Bibles

  • Vol. 5
  • Vol. 9
  • Vol. 17
  • Vol. 21
  • Vol. 30
  • Vol. 31
  • Vol. 32
  • Vol. 33
  • Vol. 34 (BJD Ed. Headdress, mini hat, apron, stockings , Standard Size Blouse, Apron)
  • Vol. 35
  • Vol. 36
  • Vol. 37
  • Vol. 38 (Christmas accessories, plushie bunny, apron, collar)
  • Vol. 39
  • Vol. 40
  • Vol. 41
  • Vol. 42 (comb headdress, neck wrap, beret hat, head bow, JSK)
  • Vol. 43 (Btssb* rectangle headdress, tote bag, skirt, bloomers)
  • Vol. 44 (JeJ* Capelet/collar, round headdress, skirt, JSK, bag)
  • Vol. 45 (baldric, hair accessory, blouse, purse, head bow, necklace)
  • Vol. 46 (choker, bow tie, capelet, skirt)
  • Vol. 47 (Vest, OP, Apron, Round Headdress, Hat, Buttoneer)
  • Vol. 48 (bolero, skirt, wrist cuffs, headbow)
  • Vol. 49 (Apron, Bag, Book Cover, Clapsaddle, JSK)
  • Vol. 50 (waist cincher, vest, skirt, collar, cutsew)
  • Vol. 51 (bow tie, neck tie, head bow, headdress, op, waist cincher)
  • Vol. 52 (Apron, cravat, Tote Bag, necklace, jewelry)
  • Vol. 53 (headdress, skirt, blouse)
  • Vol. 54 (skirt, headdress, capelet)
  • Vol. 55 (JSK, Blouse, Tote bag)
  • Vol. 56 (Skirt, Tote Bag, Apron [digitized pattern], Headdress)
  • Vol. 57 (accessories, kitty ears, bow tie, bloomers with kitty tail)
  • Vol. 58 (BJD one piece, headbow, capelet)
  • Vol. 59 (skirt, headdress, blouse)
  • Vol. 60 (capelet, purse, apron)
  • Vol. 61 (shawl, OP, waist cincher)
  • Vol. 62 (JSK, bow, capelet, hat, apron)
  • Vol. 63

Lady Boutique Series (Otome no Sewing)

COS! Pattern Books

Alice a la Mode

  • Spring 2009


1 thought on “List of Patterns”

  1. The 13th volume of Lady Boutique Series (Otome no Sewing) came out last year I don’t know if you knew.

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