Cover (744x1024)I feel that perhaps an analysis of one of these mooks is long in coming. With the new free online OCR, I can finally translate these books a little better. Japanese character recognition has been very elusive up until now.

This is a sewing pattern book/magazine (mook) that is published by Boutique SHA (They have a blog in English!). This is the same publishing house that released the earlier versions of these books called Gosu Rori, but have since cleaned up their format to make a nice layout that’s much less busy than originally presented.

So here is Otome no Sewing Book 2, handmade Lolita fashion.

On the little blue seal, it says “Tojikomi furoku” which apparently means “Filing Appendix”, describing that inside, all the patterns come in three sizes (S-M-L no saizu). Underneath that, “Jitsubutsu-dai no katagami”, telling you it comes with a “life sized paper” or the giant pattern sheet.

Please note that not all the designs included in the book are on the pattern sheet. Variations on the featured patterns might need to be drafted with the diagrams and instructions provided. For this, all the measurements are in metric, so if you’re going to draft the pieces yourself, you’ll need a metric draftman’s ruler (or before I got one of those, I just used the metric side of my tailor’s measuring tape). You’ll still need the metal pattern drafting rulers for the rest of it, as those are standard. Those DO NOT need to be in metric. 🙂

Described in detailed photos! (Let’s LolitCover - ba Sewing)

  1. Elastic Waist Skirt
  2. Lace Drawers (Bloomers)
  3. Tiered Jumper Skirt
  4. Fur Cape and Cloak

The second line says:

… which apparently comes to mean something to the extent of “Mysterious story spread from cloth.” If you want to take a gander at a better translation, I’d love your input!

Classical Modern Print で作る服 (Suggested fabric to use with the patterns)


Something about “Holy Night handmade clothes to be treasured…?” And “The Christmas dress you’ve been dreaming of…” Please correct me if this is inaccurate. I can only glean what they mean when I break down the sentences by word clusters.

line人気ブランド ソーイ ング企画 … featuring Enchantlic Enchantilly




Autumn & Winter Lolita Collection

ハンドメイドのアイテムでお出かけしましょう。 (Let’s go out with handmade items! I like this one. ^^)

秋冬コーデイネート手帖。(Winter Coordinate Notebook)

The main coordinates in this issue are featured on the front cover, modeled Misako Aoki and Midori. Each coord has six elements that you can make in different arrangements, which are suggested in the following pages.

Coord 1:

  1. Bell sleeve bolero
  2. Tiered JSK
  3. Elastic waist skirt
  4. Long sleeve blouse
  5. Beret w/pompom
  6. Head bow
  7. Faux fur neck muff
  8. Layered pannier (petticoat)

Coord 2:

  1. Pintuck Apron
  2. Long sleeve OP
  3. Fur trim capelet
  4. Cloak
  5. Ruffled headdress
  6. Lace trimmed bonnet
  7. Hand muff
  8. Bloomers


A short sleeve OP with elastic shirring all around

A coat with corset lacing in the back

A salopette-esque pattern!

Variation on the capelet without the collar.

A JSK with square neckline and minimal poof

Variation on the first JSK pattern

Bell sleeve variation on the long sleeve OP

And finally instructions on how to make squeeze purses and resin jewelry.

Hopefully this little bit helps you when choosing your patterns from these books. Presenting the beginning pages is for cataloging purposes only, as a reference. If you’re looking for copies of these books, ebay is a good source for back issues.