OTS 14 - 001Yay! A new Otome no Sewing book for us to enjoy . . . until next year, anyway (hopefully). I may have mentioned before that these books used to be semi-annual releases, and have now become only annual releases.

While many of us who received the book when it came out feel that it seemed lacking, there are some choice gems in here – like all the rest. Some are hit or miss patterns and coords, but all of them are adaptable in their own way to make something truly unique. As I say many times, all it takes is a little skill and some vision to make the basic building blocks you get in these books work for you. Modify a little here and there, add some embellishments, and you’ve got yourself something of brand quality.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the pieces included in Book 14.

Featured coords

OTS 14 - 002OTS 14 - 003OTS 14 - 004OTS 14 - 005OTS 14 - 006OTS 14 - 007

Additional Patterns

OTS 14 - 015OTS 14 - 008OTS 14 - 009OTS 14 - 010OTS 14 - 011OTS 14 - 012OTS 14 - 013OTS 14 - 014OTS 14 - 024OTS 14 - 025

Otome Kei and Themed Coords

OTS 14 - 017OTS 14 - 016OTS 14 - 018OTS 14 - 019OTS 14 - 020OTS 14 - 021

Akio Namiki Collaboration

OTS 14 - 022OTS 14 - 023

Featured Accessory Tutorial

OTS 14 - 026OTS 14 - 027

Dressmaker Academy + Otome no Sewing Book Collaboration

OTS 14 - 028These are the designs that have received the most criticism from new owners of Book 14. But I feel some explanation might shed light on why these were included. It may not be obvious to some that, with the subsequent pages of an article detailing the design and making of these outfits, these are student projects.

Both these outfits were designed by students, 2 were chosen as the “best” within their class, and with some guidance from the instructor, patterning was done, toiles (mock-ups or muslins) were made, and the outfit finalized with the fabric choices and constructed. The designs were featured in the Otome magazine to partly advertise the fashion academy that hosts a class in Otome or Lolita fashion sewing.

OTS 14 - 029The themes of the outfits are Rococo x Retro Pop (the brightly colored patchwork outfit), and Rococo x Lingerie. I find the corset/waist cincher thing of the second outfit to be ill-fitted, but I really can’t hark on either of these too much. They were bold and creative efforts from students who are trying to push their limits and are still learning.

I won’t even go into the atrocities I pulled off when I was in school and first starting to learn. These are lightyears beyond those early attempts of mine.

If you like them, or if you don’t, they are both available within this issue as draftable patterns. I’m sure many elements can be changed. I like the puffy blouse of the “Lingerie” version, but might choose a finer fabric than whatever stiff material they decided to go for in their sample. All the coords in the book should be taken with a grain of salt and a dash of creativity.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! See you in Discord and on Twitch! ❤