Catbug Lolita Style–Commission (WIP)


Edit: Posting to Tumblr is sometimes subjecting oneself to middle school quality ridicule. Which is fine, this is the internet, after all. I guess I just wanted to stress that I do mention this is “Cosplay” in the style of Lolita, and not “Lolita Fashion” as the fashion is known. It’s a themed Lolita-esque outfit. Let’s move on.

Catbug Sketch - For Ashe Yebba

  • New Client: Ashe
  • Cosplay Lolita Style: Catbug

Catbug original

Supplies and Materials


The commission will include the top and the bottom. I’m thinking to make the top a cutsew, in the style of a pattern found in Otome no Sewing Book 4, with a detachable collar and a bright red bow necktie. The cutsew will be of a light blue jersey knit.

The skirt will be layered, with an over skirt of silk-like charmeuse in a “ladybug” black dot motif on red, with an underlayer of pearl grey organza (which are the actual wings of a ladybug – the red shell part is called the elytron). Pale blue eyelet fabric for a layer of ruffles around the bottom. Black organza pointed trim, and ribbons for bows. Also some flatbag ladybug cabochons for a row of buttons on the front of the skirt – I have shanks I will be gluing to the flatback part.

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This is a work in progress post. A link to this post will be added to my Commission Archive ( page. If you wish to refer back to this page at any time, you can find the link there. I’ll be updating as often as possible with my progress.

Otome no Sewing–Book 5 (Spring 2014)


OTS5 - 001

Alice in Wonderland Coord

OTS5 - 002OTS5 - 004OTS5 - 005

  • Long Sleeve Blouse
  • Short Sleeve dress
  • Apron
  • Petticoat
  • Bloomers
  • Headdress

Little Red Riding Hood & Snow White Coords

OTS5 - 003OTS5 - 006OTS5 - 007

  • Hoodie Capelet
  • Short Sleeve Blouse
  • Skirt
  • Corset
  • Headdress
  • Wristlets

OTS5 - 008OTS5 - 009

  • Short sleeve under dress
  • Corset style bodice
  • Overskirt
  • Petticoat
  • Headdress
  • Choker

Other Patterns

  • OTS5 - 010OTS5 - 011OTS5 - 012OTS5 - 015OTS5 - 016OTS5 - 017OTS5 - 018
  • Headdress
  • Wristlets
  • Skirt
  • Jumpskirts Variations 1 and 2
  • Short sleeve fully shirred OP
  • Drop shoulder Bustle Back OP
  • Corset front long hem JSK
  • Salopette
  • Rolled collar (sailor style) shortsleeve OP


OTS5 - 019OTS5 - 020OTS5 - 021


OTS5 - 013OTS5 - 014

Otome no Sewing–Book 4 (Winter 2013)


OTS4 - 001

I think this is one of the first in the Otome series to feature a Kodona style to make. It included a pair of pumpkin pants with built in suspenders, a capelet, and a hat. Not too impressive to me, as I think the previous Gosu Rori books had better “aristocratic” styles for men, like those long coats that I don’t see too often these days. Have we moved away from visual kei or is it still a thing? Someone tell me!

Anyway, here are the patterns within this volume.

Coord #1

OTS4 - 002OTS4 - 003OTS4 - 004OTS4 - 005

  • Bell sleeve blouse
  • Four tiered JSK
  • Skirt
  • Capelet
  • Petticoat
  • Teddy bear bag
  • Rectangular headdress
  • Head bow

Coord #2

OTS4 - 006OTS4 - 007OTS4 - 008OTS4 - 009

  • Fur coat
  • Two tier JSK
  • Three tier “mini” skirt
  • Turtleneck cutsew
  • Bloomers
  • Fur scarf
  • Fur gloves
  • Round fuzzy headdress
  • Twin hair bow combs

Other patterns

OTS4 - 010OTS4 - 011OTS4 - 012OTS4 - 013OTS4 - 014OTS4 - 015OTS4 - 016OTS4 - 017

  • Headdress
  • Button front JSK
  • Long sleeve blouse (2 variations)
  • Spoon bonnet
  • Long sleeve, yoke with long hem OP
  • Mini hat
  • Capelet
  • Kodona pants
  • Yukata (and headdresses
  • Fur trimmed JSK
  • Three tiered, bell long sleeve OP
  • Fur capelet


OTS4 - 018OTS4 - 019OTS4 - 020

GosuRori Vol. 7 (Spring 2006)


GR7 - Cover

As I’ve mentioned many times, these magazines can be good, or they can be terrible. The earlier ones are especially not great as far as designs and execution of patterns drafted from fan-submitted designs. I’ve included many more scans of this particular issues, as it had many color pages that included things like make up and hair tutorials (granted for the Gothic and Lolita style of 2006, which is now considered “old-school”). Also some fun old school ads, and the fan designs that were submitted but not realized into real life patterns.

The hair is mighty teased, and the makeups a little silly for these days. But history is good for all of us to explore. 🙂

Included patterns

Basically, anything that has a little number next to it is indicating the pattern number, and what page you will find the instructions on. Not all of the patterns are included on the giant pattern sheet these books come with. Some of them expect you to be able to draft the patterns from the given diagrams in the black and white sections of the book.

GR7 - 01GR7 - 02GR7 - 03GR7 - 04GR7 - 05GR7 - 06GR7 - 07GR7 - 08GR7 - 09GR7 - 10GR7 - 11GR7 - 12GR7 - 13GR7 - 14GR7 - 15GR7 - 16GR7 - 17GR7 - 34GR7 - 35GR7 - 32GR7 - 33


GR7 - 19GR7 - 20GR7 - 21GR7 - 22GR7 - 23GR7 - 24GR7 - 25GR7 - 26GR7 - 27GR7 - 28GR7 - 29GR7 - 30GR7 - 31

Old School Ads

GR7 - 36GR7 - 37GR7 - 38GR7 - 39GR7 - 40GR7 - 41GR7 - 42GR7 - 43GR7 - 44GR7 - 45

Fan-Submitted Designs

GR7 - 46GR7 - 47GR7 - 18

Otome no Sewing–Book 8

OTS8 - Cover

I think it goes without saying that this pattern book series is my absolute favorite. Ever. Of All Time.

So many patterns! All the basic shapes to make absolutely fabulous Lolita garments. Endless possibilities. Your only limitation is your own creativity.

Flipping through the pages of the latest edition of Lady Boutique’s Otome no Sewing books, I find myself totally in love with so many of the patterns you can find within this volume. There seem to be a lot more patterns available in this one, with variations of beautiful silhouettes. I think it’s the sleeves that have drawn me to love this edition the best. I have a thing for ruffled and bell sleeves.

Also, you finally have a decent coat pattern, with lining! It made me very excited to see that they were finally branching out into a more expert sewing realm to include a lovely lined coat with instructions. And a bonnet that wasn’t the floppy Little Miss Muffet kind.

Item Index – Main coords

OTS8 - 01OTS8 - 02

The Snow Queen – Coordinate #1

OTS8 - 03OTS8 - 04


OTS8 - 05OTS8 - 06

Hansel & Gretel

OTS8 - 07OTS8 - 08

Other Included Patterns

OTS8 - 09OTS8 - 10OTS8 - 11OTS8 - 12OTS8 - 13OTS8 - 14OTS8 - 15OTS8 - 16OTS8 - 17OTS8 - 18OTS8 - 19

OTS8 - 20OTS8 - 21


  • How to make tassels for use in jewelry
  • How to make Buttoneers (using Clover exclusive backings)
  • Constellation jewelry using heat shrinking film

OTS8 - 22OTS8 - 23

OTS8 - 24OTS8 - 25

OTS8 - 26OTS8 - 27OTS8 - 28

Otome no Sewing–Book 3


, , , , , , , ,

OTS3 - Cover

Published in Spring 2013, this is the third installment of the revised Lolita sewing pattern magazines. As I may have mentioned in previous articles, this series originally began as Gosu Rori sewing magazines, in which enthusiasts of Lolita fashion would send in their design ideas and a lucky handful would be chosen to have their designs realized. The revision significantly cleaned up not only the look and format of this high quality color magazine, but also the patterns themselves are more carefully and professionally drafted.

The patterns in most of these magazines still cater to the home seamstress/tailor, and simplify certain design elements in order to make the construction process a little less intimidating. You won’t find plackets on the sleeves, or linings on the inside of a one-piece. However, some of the patterns are only diagrams in which the reader is expected to be able to draft. So there is some simplicity, but also a level of sophistication. I would say these are definitely intended for intermediate tailors and designers.

These are my favorite pattern books, and I’m proud to boast a complete collection, currently up to volume 8. 🙂

Coordinate #1

I think this particular jumpskirt is one of my absolute favorites. I love the yoke on the front, and the three tiny tiers of beautiful ruffles at the bottom. In this coord, you have the option of a high waisted skirt, or the yoke front JSK.

  • Bolero
  • High Waist Skirt
  • Yoke front JSK
  • Long sleeve blouse with barrel cuffs
  • Floral hat headdress
  • Headbow
  • Big bow purse
  • Bloomers

OTS3 - 01OTS3 - 02OTS3 - 03OTS3 - 04

My versions

Sewing Blog 032Sewing Blog 035

Clockwork Hearts JSK - Grey-1Clockwork Hearts JSK - Grey-3Clockwork Hearts JSK - Grey-2

Alice in Wonderland JSK - Black Red-3Alice in Wonderland JSK - Black Red-1


Coordinate #2

This is the darling little sailor dress that I once made and wore. Instead of making it with three tiers, I made the skirt a full traditional 2 panel kind, using two lines of navy ribbon over white fabric. As an alternate to this coord, there’s also a seifuku-type skirt

  • Short pleated skirt
  • Short sleeve blouse
  • Bolero
  • Sailor OP
  • Headbow barrette
  • Sailor hat headdress
  • Lace wrist-cuffs
  • Petticoat

OTS3 - 05OTS3 - 06OTS3 - 07OTS3 - 08

My version

Sailor Lolita OP 004Sailor Lolita OP 003

Other Patterns

  • Long OP
  • Empire Waist JSK (2 versions)
  • Long sleeve bolero
  • High Waist JSK w/ shoulder straps
  • Sailor Hat Headdress (variation)
  • Zip-front short sleeve jacket with sailor-style collar
  • Zip-front bunny hoodie
  • Yoke front JSK (variation)

OTS3 - 09OTS3 - 11OTS3 - 12OTS3 - 13OTS3 - 14OTS3 - 15OTS3 - 16OTS3 - 17

My version

This Otome sewing volume must be my favorite with all the things I made out of it so far! Here’s that bunny hoodie. Already sold out on Etsy. I made mine out of slightly heavier sweatshirt fabric with a very soft fleece inside. I have enough of this fabric for potentially two more pieces.

Someone also suggested making it in black, and perhaps doing a kitty or bear version too.

Bunny HoodieBunny Hoodie-2Bunny Hoodie-3

Included tutorials

OTS3 - 18OTS3 - 19OTS3 - 20

OTS3 - 21OTS3 - 22

GLB Vol. 9


, , , , ,

Gothic & Lolita Bible #9

GLB9 - Cover

Here we have a very early edition of our favorite Lolita magazine, published in Spring 2003 (13 years ago, wow!). Lolita fashion sure has changed in so little time. Although, I suppose 13 years isn’t so small a different. Weird how that works. I particularly like the cover of this volume because of the artwork by Macoto Takahashi. I own an artbook of his and it is one of my favorites.

Included Patterns

I think the most useful pattern in this edition is the Innocent World apron, which you have seen me put together a few times now. It’s one of my favorites, and quite a popular seller in my Etsy shop. Originally, that apron sold for about $82. It’s actually the whole reason I hunted down this edition of GLB – a friend requested the Innocent World style apron, and I found the pattern in here.

The other patterns are less relevant to today, I feel, but maybe you might find them useful for interesting.

  • Neck tie by Angelic Pretty
  • Apron by Innocent World
  • Neck tie by MA
  • (Not so flattering) Skirt by MAM
  • Cutsew Tank Top by Black Peace Now
  • Arm bandages by Elements
  • Gauze long dress by Gotick Decoration
  • Headdress by Gotick Decoration
  • Earrings & Rosary Necklace (tutorial) by Choco Chip Cookie

GLB9 - 01GLB9 - 02GLB9 - 03GLB9 - 04GLB9 - 05GLB9 - 06GLB9 - 07

GLB Vol. 58


, , ,

Gothic & Lolita Bible #58

GLB58 - Cover

This is the newest edition as of January 2016. I believe the next issue is slated for February 2016. This volume was released late November 2015, and I only just got my hands on a copy. I purchase my GLBs from CDJapan, along with the Otome no Sewing books, and I try to be quick about it. Already, the early volumes of Otome no Sewing are out of print! I’m glad I jumped on those when I had the chance and have a complete set so far. I guess they’re very much like the Gosu Rori magazines, which I’m finding are very hard to find back issues of now.

In any case, this issue features matching doll patterns designed for the Blythe brand of dolls. In this case it’s their NeoBlythe model. They have a shop for the English speaking world here if you’re interested in purchasing one of their dolls. I was originally mistaken to think that these were Pullip dolls, as they have the same style body with eyes that close and open. Frankly, I think I like the Pullip doll collections better. They look to be about the same size, too, and the same price.

Included Patterns

  • Head Bow by Angelic Pretty
  • Capelet by Maxicimam
  • Bag, BJD one piece by Chocolate Chip Cookie

GLB58 - 01GLB58 - 02GLB58 - 03

GLB58 - 04GLB58 - 05