Pattern Release – The Chrysalis JSK!

Hey everyone! New pattern dropped today. Currently only digital, but printed versions will be available soon.

  • 2 size groups! Available from 6 – 22! WOOT!
  • Full back shirring (yay!)
  • Super simple design and easy to make!
  • No closures or zippers! Easy peasy.

Print at home in the tiled format, or send it for printing to your local printing service (like Staples!). Paper size is 36×48

Patterns! All the patterns!

So, contrary to popular belief, I have been busy. Yes, I had weird things happen with my car and the pandemic isn’t helping with job prospects or . . . well . . . anything. Keeping creative is more important than ever, for all of us. So bringing you patterns from all these magazines is great for all of us!

I made a first draft sample of the Claudia Blouse to start, so you can see what it looks like in real life. Now, I should tell you that the sleeves are different because it was a design choice. LIES! I ran out of mint fabric, and had to improvise. Eh, it worked, I think. It’s pretty, and I matched the buttons to the creamy lace sleeves.

This is the size 12.

I will be making another sample, this time making sure I have enough fabric for the sleeves. I think it was mostly a spreading error, in that I didn’t conserve my fabric with the way I lay my pattern. I think I only had about 2 yards of fabric, and this pattern calls for 2.5 yards. I’m planning a demo of the second iteration of the Claudia Blouse on Twitch, and hopefully will get footage for cut into a YouTube tutorial as well.

Claudia Blouse Pattern Demo!

Starting on Monday, October 19th, I’ll be streaming the Claudia Blouse demo to all platforms – Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. Stream starts at 12:30pm MST.

Pattern giveaway!

At the end of the week, I’ll be giving away a copy of the printed Claudia Blouse pattern (size 12-20) on Twitch. So if you want to be part of the giveaway, be sure to enter in your name while watching on Twitch. I’ll be sure to inform all viewers of this during the demo as well.

Copies of the pattern (digital and printed) are also still for sale on my new square shop. Currently it’s the only one I have ready, but here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on for pattern releases. See you next week!

GLB Vol. 10

Ah, I love those covers with Macoto Takahashi illustrations. I have his art book, and the style goes back to the 60s! It’s just perfect for the modern Lolita aesthetic.

This issue features AYA from Psycho le Cému, a visual kei band in Japan. Now, again, I can’t exactly read the Japanese text (my translation abilities are limited to using the Google Translator app), but my guess is he probably designed these pieces – as well as obviously modeling them.

So we have the following:

  • A short necktie
  • A capelet
  • A headdress
  • A shoulder bag.

Thanks, Aya-san!

GLB Vol. 7

Truth be told, this issue was kind of sparse for patterns. Not even sure what to make of these.

There’s a choker. And some weird road-kill type belt thing (?) . . . A pleated choker this time, and a bear-ear headdress. Well, this was still the early days of the magazine. Sorry, guys.

GLB Vol. 6

Ah, the early days.

These designs are again by Kana, as in the previous issues, and more “costume” (leaning toward Ero as well) rather than Lolita. However, I still feel a responsibility to include them in the archive as they appeared in the Gothic & Lolita Bible.

There’s an interesting jacket pattern in this, which I have yet to analyze for construction but it seems basic enough. I do not own a physical copy of this issue and cannot recreate the proportions without reference measurements from the included pattern sheet. Though there are drafting diagrams for the basic skirt.

GLB Vol. 4

I’m not exactly sure if there’s a wedding outfit included in this issue for patterns. This is another issue I don’t have a physical copy of, so I’m not sure what the pattern sheet includes. At first glance, though, there looks to be a lot to play with here!

Some Insight – Novala Takemoto

Maybe you’ve heard the name before, but in case you haven’t (yet), Novala Takemoto is an author and fashion designer. He is best known in the Western Lolita community as the author of Kamikaze Girls – and also as the founder of a little brand called Baby The Stars Shine Bright. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I would venture to say it’s practically a required watch for any Lolita worth her salt.

In this early issue of Gothic & Lolita Bible, the patterns featured within are designed by Kana (香奈) in what I’m assuming is a collaboration with Novala Takemoto (Novala Takemoto x Kana).

Kana is also known as “Moon Kana”, and she is a singer who was involved with the early Gothic & Lolita Bibles. She is the model featured in the photographs for her collection.

The title says “Alice in the Mirror Country” (Alice Through The Looking Glass). What follows is an interview, but I can’t be sure of the content as my translation skills are subpar. From what little I could glean, it might be describing the inspiration behind the designs.

There’s a nice apron pattern (again with drafting diagrams! Yay!), and what seems to be a top, an OP (the pink one), and some other random accessories. Also a skirt. These were certainly interesting times in the magazine’s life.

Designed by Kana

  • Apron
  • Wedding Dress
  • Custom Corset & Skirt (The red outfit)
  • Sleeveless Dress (The red and white ensemble)
  • Pink Dress and Bonnet
  • Headdress and Bell Choker


  • A choker (Miho Matsuda)
  • A skirt and arm coverings (h.NAOTO)
  • A skirt wrap (elements)
  • A plaid bell-shaped skirt (Baby The Stars Shine Bright)