Otome no Sewing Vol. 15

It’s here!!

Some thoughts: I went over this issue on stream, and I wondered about a – perhaps – late Halloween angle they might have been going for. Some of these look a bit “costumey”.

And the orange outfit. It looks like a pumpkin. I’m sure the base can be modified (perhaps a lot) to look a little better. My question is why they decided to place that single line of applique (for one) and why it’s placed higher than expressed on the initial illustration.

Anyway, take a look at this issue. As of this post date, it is currently available to purchase from Amazon.co.jp and CDJapan. So until this issue has run its course, please do not ask for scans at this time. I highly encourage you to purchase a copy directly from the publisher, so that we can show our continued interest in this publication.

That said, it does mention at the end to expect Vol. 16 next year in 2021.