GR7 - Cover

As I’ve mentioned many times, these magazines can be good, or they can be terrible. The earlier ones are especially not great as far as designs and execution of patterns drafted from fan-submitted designs. I’ve included many more scans of this particular issues, as it had many color pages that included things like make up and hair tutorials (granted for the Gothic and Lolita style of 2006, which is now considered “old-school”). Also some fun old school ads, and the fan designs that were submitted but not realized into real life patterns.

The hair is mighty teased, and the makeups a little silly for these days. But history is good for all of us to explore. 🙂

Included patterns

Basically, anything that has a little number next to it is indicating the pattern number, and what page you will find the instructions on. Not all of the patterns are included on the giant pattern sheet these books come with. Some of them expect you to be able to draft the patterns from the given diagrams in the black and white sections of the book.

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Old School Ads

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Fan-Submitted Designs

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