Somehow I missed actually posting the pictures of this catalog. I had the full download available online for a while. Not sure if that still works. Here are images from this volume for reference, if you’re interested in commissioning me for custom work. 🙂


Full Download (PDF)

Patterns in this volume


Old School Ads


Submitted Designs

Back when they were still publishing the Gosu Rori (Goth Loli) pattern magazines like this, the designs were submitted by fans of the magazine and fashion. A select few would be chosen to be made into patterns and featured in the magazine. I imagine that this process was hurried and it left many of the designs wanting – some of the patterns found in the old school GR mooks are not very well made, and I find myself modifying them often.

Anyway, here are the designs that were submitted but not made into patterns. Lolita has come a long way in only 6 short years!


Rococo Dress Pattern

This is page 62 which was missing from the full download. Really sorry about that.

Rococo Dress Pattern