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Gothic & Lolita Bible #9

GLB9 - Cover

Here we have a very early edition of our favorite Lolita magazine, published in Spring 2003 (13 years ago, wow!). Lolita fashion sure has changed in so little time. Although, I suppose 13 years isn’t so small a different. Weird how that works. I particularly like the cover of this volume because of the artwork by Macoto Takahashi. I own an artbook of his and it is one of my favorites.

Included Patterns

I think the most useful pattern in this edition is the Innocent World apron, which you have seen me put together a few times now. It’s one of my favorites, and quite a popular seller in my Etsy shop. Originally, that apron sold for about $82. It’s actually the whole reason I hunted down this edition of GLB – a friend requested the Innocent World style apron, and I found the pattern in here.

The other patterns are less relevant to today, I feel, but maybe you might find them useful for interesting.

  • Neck tie by Angelic Pretty
  • Apron by Innocent World
  • Neck tie by MA
  • (Not so flattering) Skirt by MAM
  • Cutsew Tank Top by Black Peace Now
  • Arm bandages by Elements
  • Gauze long dress by Gotick Decoration
  • Headdress by Gotick Decoration
  • Earrings & Rosary Necklace (tutorial) by Choco Chip Cookie

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