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OTS3 - Cover

Published in Spring 2013, this is the third installment of the revised Lolita sewing pattern magazines. As I may have mentioned in previous articles, this series originally began as Gosu Rori sewing magazines, in which enthusiasts of Lolita fashion would send in their design ideas and a lucky handful would be chosen to have their designs realized. The revision significantly cleaned up not only the look and format of this high quality color magazine, but also the patterns themselves are more carefully and professionally drafted.

The patterns in most of these magazines still cater to the home seamstress/tailor, and simplify certain design elements in order to make the construction process a little less intimidating. You won’t find plackets on the sleeves, or linings on the inside of a one-piece. However, some of the patterns are only diagrams in which the reader is expected to be able to draft. So there is some simplicity, but also a level of sophistication. I would say these are definitely intended for intermediate tailors and designers.

These are my favorite pattern books, and I’m proud to boast a complete collection, currently up to volume 8. 🙂

Coordinate #1

I think this particular jumpskirt is one of my absolute favorites. I love the yoke on the front, and the three tiny tiers of beautiful ruffles at the bottom. In this coord, you have the option of a high waisted skirt, or the yoke front JSK.

  • Bolero
  • High Waist Skirt
  • Yoke front JSK
  • Long sleeve blouse with barrel cuffs
  • Floral hat headdress
  • Headbow
  • Big bow purse
  • Bloomers

OTS3 - 01OTS3 - 02OTS3 - 03OTS3 - 04

My versions

Sewing Blog 032Sewing Blog 035

Clockwork Hearts JSK - Grey-1Clockwork Hearts JSK - Grey-3Clockwork Hearts JSK - Grey-2

Alice in Wonderland JSK - Black Red-3Alice in Wonderland JSK - Black Red-1


Coordinate #2

This is the darling little sailor dress that I once made and wore. Instead of making it with three tiers, I made the skirt a full traditional 2 panel kind, using two lines of navy ribbon over white fabric. As an alternate to this coord, there’s also a seifuku-type skirt

  • Short pleated skirt
  • Short sleeve blouse
  • Bolero
  • Sailor OP
  • Headbow barrette
  • Sailor hat headdress
  • Lace wrist-cuffs
  • Petticoat

OTS3 - 05OTS3 - 06OTS3 - 07OTS3 - 08

My version

Sailor Lolita OP 004Sailor Lolita OP 003

Other Patterns

  • Long OP
  • Empire Waist JSK (2 versions)
  • Long sleeve bolero
  • High Waist JSK w/ shoulder straps
  • Sailor Hat Headdress (variation)
  • Zip-front short sleeve jacket with sailor-style collar
  • Zip-front bunny hoodie
  • Yoke front JSK (variation)

OTS3 - 09OTS3 - 11OTS3 - 12OTS3 - 13OTS3 - 14OTS3 - 15OTS3 - 16OTS3 - 17

My version

This Otome sewing volume must be my favorite with all the things I made out of it so far! Here’s that bunny hoodie. Already sold out on Etsy. I made mine out of slightly heavier sweatshirt fabric with a very soft fleece inside. I have enough of this fabric for potentially two more pieces.

Someone also suggested making it in black, and perhaps doing a kitty or bear version too.

Bunny HoodieBunny Hoodie-2Bunny Hoodie-3

Included tutorials

OTS3 - 18OTS3 - 19OTS3 - 20

OTS3 - 21OTS3 - 22