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This issue was actually a pretty nice one. I haven’t attempted the OP yet, but I want to! I did make the Laceup vest once, for a friend. I think she liked it. ^.^0 I think the best patterns in this edition are the vests and the OP, without question. The apron is another nice addition, not your typical Alice style, but more of a realistic Victorian length (If you’re a Lolita into longer skirts, of course.)

Google updated their translation app to include a drawing feature. It recognizes my crazy attempts at kanji! So I’m able to roughly translate the names of the patterns here for you. Yay!

  • Zig Zag – Side Laceup Vest
  • Zig Zag – Double Vest (Daburu Besuto)
  • Rosa Bianca – Ribbon Princess JSK
  • corgi corgi – Round Headdress
  • Hexenhaus – Miss Cake hat
  • Traumerei – Heart Rosetta
  • moon afternoon – Dobby Weave Tablier (Apron)

Vest AVest BOPRound HeaddressApronButtoneer - Fruitcake Hat