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I think it goes without saying that this pattern book series is my absolute favorite. Ever. Of All Time.

So many patterns! All the basic shapes to make absolutely fabulous Lolita garments. Endless possibilities. Your only limitation is your own creativity.

Flipping through the pages of the latest edition of Lady Boutique’s Otome no Sewing books, I find myself totally in love with so many of the patterns you can find within this volume. There seem to be a lot more patterns available in this one, with variations of beautiful silhouettes. I think it’s the sleeves that have drawn me to love this edition the best. I have a thing for ruffled and bell sleeves.

Also, you finally have a decent coat pattern, with lining! It made me very excited to see that they were finally branching out into a more expert sewing realm to include a lovely lined coat with instructions. And a bonnet that wasn’t the floppy Little Miss Muffet kind.

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The Snow Queen – Coordinate #1

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Hansel & Gretel

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Other Included Patterns

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  • How to make tassels for use in jewelry
  • How to make Buttoneers (using Clover exclusive backings)
  • Constellation jewelry using heat shrinking film

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