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Catalog of patterns and tutorials

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A Little Princess

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Blouse pattern

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Soda Fountain Waitress Uniform

Another Akio Namiki Collaboration. These are actually perfect for maid cafe uniforms. Or maybe that’s what it is to begin with. But they initially reminded me of soda fountains from the 50s with those colors.

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Lolita Wedding Dress

I have to admit, I’m pleased that they included what they think of as a wedding dress – but I’m not terribly impressed by it. Without having made it myself, all I can tell from the pictures is that it doesn’t look very flattering at all. And probably won’t be without serious modification. Then again, all these patterns are meant to be for girls who just sew the basics, and don’t necessarily have all the nifty tools and machines that allow for higher quality details or embellishments.

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Additional Patterns

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PhysicalDrop Collection ad

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Round boxes

The list of materials (for #45, but you get the idea for #44 too) for the following tutorial are

  • Kent Paper (1 piece, A1 size)
  • Cardboard, gray (2 pieces, A1)3
  • Fabric for A (110cm x 30cm)
  • Fabric for B (110cm x 80cm)
  • Eyelets (4 pairs, .5cm inner diameter)
  • Ribbon (3.6cm wide, 2m40cm long)

Now, I have no idea what Kent paper is, and trying to find out online only yielded Japanese websites that sell it. It might be a safe bet that it’s similar weight to something like Bristol paper, or maybe even cardstock. As for Cardboard, I might recommend a lightweight chipboard for the body of the box itself.

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Heart shape applique maker

Here’s Clover brand, trying once again to sell you something that you don’t really need. Like this template for making heart shaped . . . essentially yoyos. Oh, they ARE yoyos. Here’s a video using these exact templates

Personally, I don’t see why anyone would need to spend money on templates, when you could just use that same money to buy a half a yard of medium weight interfacing (if you wanted to make the yoyos stiffened) and just make them the old fashioned way. But that’s me, and I’m weird, I guess. Also, maybe because these are shaped like hearts, it would be easier to make the shape with a set template like this.

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List of supplies

I haven’t usually included these pages with my scans, because they tend to be the same general thing every time, and I usually take them as very loose “suggestions”. I don’t make the exactly thing in any of these books, and always tweak my final designs by using different trims and sometimes different closures. Sometimes, I’ll even go the extra mile and make my dresses lined. But I thought this time it might be useful anyway. When I get around to making a video, I’ll go over the tools I use for my projects. Essentially, they are the same as these:

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Overview of how to draft the patterns using the diagrams included with each garment to make. Again, this is something I’ll go over in a video soon.

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Because I love you, that’s why . . .

Bonnet Pattern & Instructions

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Thumbelina’s Blouse – Pattern & instructions

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Petticoat Pattern & Instructions

Looking at this pattern myself, it seems to be one of the better versions I’ve seen out there. It’s a four layer petticoat, which I would make out of organza (NOT Tulle!). They’ve always included little quickie instructions on different length petticoats to make, but again – I like this one the best.

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And there you have it! This is just a general overview of the Otome no Sewing Book 11, so if you have questions or need detailed instructions on certain projects, feel free to contact me. Here’s hoping they’re working on book 12!