Eternita - Fall Winter - 001When I found this, it had already been out for half a year. After discovering that Gothic & Lolita Bible would no longer be printed, I went on a hunt to find new Lolita Fashion magazine. There are a handful; Alice a la Mode being one of them, which I think has only released four issues, the last being Spring 2010. I have Spring 2009, and will hopefully get around to scanning that one soon.

In addition to that, the newest released magazine (of which there is only one issue so far) is called Miel. Also from Japan. Unlike Alice and Eternita, however, Miel does not seem to come with patterns the way GLB did. It’s still a beautiful and high quality publication, however. I like to purchase such things anyway to keep an archive of styles and designs.


So from my research, this magazine/book seems to be aimed at the more mature Lolita fashionista. The models inside are all in their late 20s, 30s, and sometimes 40s. The styles within are suggested for a mature lady. Frankly, I think this is a fabulous idea, being of an older generation myself (in relation to the Lolita community, anyway).

I scanned some of the first pages for you to peruse, as well as the included patterns (not the actual pattern sheet), so that I could add them to the archive here. I always loved the format of Japanese Lolita magazines. Deep in my heart, I wish such a thing might be started in the western world of Lolita as well.

For now, enjoy these scans of Eternita.

Eternita - Fall Winter - 002Eternita - Fall Winter - 003Eternita - Fall Winter - 004Eternita - Fall Winter - 005Eternita - Fall Winter - 006Eternita - Fall Winter - 007Eternita - Fall Winter - 008Eternita - Fall Winter - 009Eternita - Fall Winter - 010Eternita - Fall Winter - 011Eternita - Fall Winter - 012Eternita - Fall Winter - 013Eternita - Fall Winter - 014Eternita - Fall Winter - 015Eternita - Fall Winter - 016Eternita - Fall Winter - 017Eternita - Fall Winter - 018Eternita - Fall Winter - 019Eternita - Fall Winter - 020Eternita - Fall Winter - 021

Patterns Included

Unlike some GLB issues, this book doesn’t come with an OP, JSK, or even a skirt. Instead, they included mostly accessories like totes, a pillow, notebook cover, sleep mask, detachable collar, hats, hair bows and wrist cuffs.

Eternita - Fall Winter - 022Eternita - Fall Winter - 023Eternita - Fall Winter - 024Eternita - Fall Winter - 025Eternita - Fall Winter - 026Eternita - Fall Winter - 027Eternita - Fall Winter - 028

I did appreciate the jewelry tutorials, though. It’s nice to find tutorials for jewelry that are more than just stringing a bunch of beads together. This issue also includes advertisement and an article showcasing jewelry designer Michal Negrin (I have two of his pieces). I just love that aesthetic. You should definitely check it out if you’ve never heard of him before!

Eternita - Fall Winter - 029Eternita - Fall Winter - 030Eternita - Fall Winter - 031Eternita - Fall Winter - 032Eternita - Fall Winter - 033Eternita - Fall Winter - 034Eternita - Fall Winter - 035Eternita - Fall Winter - 036Eternita - Fall Winter - 037

BJD Highlight

Eternita - Fall Winter - 038Eternita - Fall Winter - 039Eternita - Fall Winter - 040

Street / Event Snaps

Eternita - Fall Winter - 041Eternita - Fall Winter - 042Eternita - Fall Winter - 043