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coverReleased in April 2012 by Boutique Publishing, Let’s Lolita Sewing is an exclusive pattern book featuring Lolita fashion in their spring issue of the Lady Boutique pattern book series. I’ve had the pleasure of drooling over these pages, even while not exactly able to read any of the instructions. The great thing about these Japanese pattern books is that a lot of their instructions are mainly visual with easy to follow measurements in centimeters.

I won’t lie and say it’s not challenging, but I’m fairly confident I can figure out how to make any of these pieces featured in the book. I’m currently trying my hand at a bolero, the short sleeve version in this book.

Also – I freakin’ LOVE this book. Just sayin’…

The patterns come in three sizes, S, M, and L.

Full Book Download!

Two Piece Coord

Two Piece Coord PatternTwo Piece Coord Pattern_2Two Piece Coord Pattern_3Two Piece Coord Pattern_4

One Piece / JSK

OP PatternOP Pattern_2OP Pattern_3OP Pattern_4

Two Piece Coord – One Piece Variation

Dress Variation

One Piece – JSK Variation

Dress B Variation

Baby Doll with Shirring

Dress with shirred bodice


Skirt with BlouseA-line Skirt with blouseFruity SkirtJumpskirt VariationSkirt Variation