GR1 - CoverIt’s time to take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to 2004. This is the “old school” of Old School Lolita fashion. And not really Lolita fashion as it was from the major design houses, but this was what “handmade” loli fashion looked like during it’s debut. This is the very first volume of the Lolita sewing pattern magazines, and you can probably tell that some of these designs are a bit . . . rough.

There are a number of dresses in this volume that don’t look anything like what Lolita fashion is accepted to look like, even back then. Granted that these are designs submitted by fans of the fashion, but even when you look at the fan’s drawings, the real life replica of their design bares little resemblance to what they had in mind, I would think. There are a few skirts that are meant to be much fuller, and placement of design elements that are just too low, or too high. And look at those hemlines! Some of these are downright Ero!

On their own, if this weren’t supposed to be “Lolita”, some of these dresses are kind of cute. With a little modification, and the right quality of materials, a couple of these dresses would be kinda cute just as stand-alone designs, independent of the “Lolita” label.

Anyway, here are the patterns you can find in Volume 1 of GosuRori sewing magazine.

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Some Old School ads of AP, Baby, and Innocent World

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