Edit: Posting to Tumblr is sometimes subjecting oneself to middle school quality ridicule. Which is fine, this is the internet, after all. I guess I just wanted to stress that I do mention this is “Cosplay” in the style of Lolita, and not “Lolita Fashion” as the fashion is known. It’s a themed Lolita-esque outfit. Let’s move on.

Catbug Sketch - For Ashe Yebba

  • New Client: Ashe
  • Cosplay Lolita Style: Catbug

Catbug original

Supplies and Materials


The commission will include the top and the bottom. I’m thinking to make the top a cutsew, in the style of a pattern found in Otome no Sewing Book 4, with a detachable collar and a bright red bow necktie. The cutsew will be of a light blue jersey knit.

The skirt will be layered, with an over skirt of silk-like charmeuse in a “ladybug” black dot motif on red, with an underlayer of pearl grey organza (which are the actual wings of a ladybug – the red shell part is called the elytron). Pale blue eyelet fabric for a layer of ruffles around the bottom. Black organza pointed trim, and ribbons for bows. Also some flatbag ladybug cabochons for a row of buttons on the front of the skirt – I have shanks I will be gluing to the flatback part.

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This is a work in progress post. A link to this post will be added to my Commission Archive (carolbelle.com) page. If you wish to refer back to this page at any time, you can find the link there. I’ll be updating as often as possible with my progress.