Otome no Sewing–Book 9

OTS - Book 9 - 001

This issue of Otome no Sewing seems to feature a collaboration with famed Lolita make up artist Akio Namiki. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, you can see him in action here.

Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ

OTS - Book 9 - 003OTS - Book 9 - 002

Full instructions PDF here

The Little Mermaid

OTS - Book 9 - 004OTS - Book 9 - 005

Romeo & Juliet

OTS - Book 9 - 006OTS - Book 9 - 007

Additional patterns in this volume

OTS - Book 9 - 008OTS - Book 9 - 009OTS - Book 9 - 010OTS - Book 9 - 011OTS - Book 9 - 012OTS - Book 9 - 013OTS - Book 9 - 014OTS - Book 9 - 015OTS - Book 9 - 016OTS - Book 9 - 017OTS - Book 9 - 018OTS - Book 9 - 019OTS - Book 9 - 020OTS - Book 9 - 021OTS - Book 9 - 022


Ribbon embroidery – Roses

OTS - Book 9 - 023OTS - Book 9 - 024

Decoupage photo transfer

– in the following tutorial, the publication is trying to sell ready made kits for doing this type of craft. However, you don’t need anything special besides a decoupage photo transfer medium, and images of your choice. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube (like this one) that show you how this is done.

OTS - Book 9 - 025OTS - Book 9 - 026

Hi-Res Images

Accessories to match The Little Mermaid motif in this issue, using shrink film (available here). Also needed for this project are soft pastels, and UV curing resin. It looks like they use the kind of UV lamp you might get for your nails. They do sell nail salon supplies on ebay that include this kind of lamp, as well as UV top coat and UV clear nail gel – both of which can be used for this project. If you don’t want to use UV curing materials, I’m sure you can paint a gloss coat with regular 2 part pouring resin.

These images are in high resolution if you wanted to print the pattern shapes included in this project.

Seashell Accessories Tutorial (zip file)

OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 008OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 009OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 010OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 011OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 012

Full Cut/sew tutorial (zip file)

All measurements are in metric for drafting the pattern.

OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 001OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 002OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 003OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 004OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 005OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 006OTS - Book 9 (HD) - 007



Omg, it’s been forever, I know! If you follow my other blog at carolbelle.com, you’d know that I was in school for this last year. I finished two semesters at Santa Fe Community College and am very nearly done with my certificate in fashion design. Even though I have plenty of years of experience, I still wanted that piece of paper for my own personal validation. That, and taking certain classes to hone my skills in pattern drafting and illustration really helped to motivate me.

I also completed the collections studio course, which took us through the entire process of creating a ten piece collection!

Carol Belle - S1001Carol Belle - S1002Carol Belle - S1003Carol Belle - S1004Carol Belle - S1005Carol Belle - S1006Carol Belle - S1007Carol Belle - S1008Carol Belle - S1009Carol Belle - S1010

Due to time constraints, most of the students only finished four or five actual, tangible pieces. But we had a little runway show and everything. My models were all very delightful to work with, but you might notice that the outfits could have used some filling out in certain places. Still, it was a fun and worthwhile experience.

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And then here’s me getting interviewed by the instructor of the collections course, Ezra Estes!

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So I’m trying to get back into the game, here. There are now 11 Otome no Sewing books published! As of this post, Gothic Lolita Bible is at #63 and is sold out on CD Japan, so I’ll have to buy it on eBay soon. I heard rumors that they will be discontinuing the print version of the publication, which would make me so sad. I live for those patterns that they come with!

Moving forward, if anyone has any questions about patterns, sewing, or tutorial requests, please feel free to contact me! I’m also slowly reopening my etsy shop, as well. Have a great day, everyone!

Catbug Lolita Style–Commission (WIP)


Edit: Posting to Tumblr is sometimes subjecting oneself to middle school quality ridicule. Which is fine, this is the internet, after all. I guess I just wanted to stress that I do mention this is “Cosplay” in the style of Lolita, and not “Lolita Fashion” as the fashion is known. It’s a themed Lolita-esque outfit. Let’s move on.

Catbug Sketch - For Ashe Yebba

  • New Client: Ashe
  • Cosplay Lolita Style: Catbug

Catbug original

Supplies and Materials


The commission will include the top and the bottom. I’m thinking to make the top a cutsew, in the style of a pattern found in Otome no Sewing Book 4, with a detachable collar and a bright red bow necktie. The cutsew will be of a light blue jersey knit.

The skirt will be layered, with an over skirt of silk-like charmeuse in a “ladybug” black dot motif on red, with an underlayer of pearl grey organza (which are the actual wings of a ladybug – the red shell part is called the elytron). Pale blue eyelet fabric for a layer of ruffles around the bottom. Black organza pointed trim, and ribbons for bows. Also some flatbag ladybug cabochons for a row of buttons on the front of the skirt – I have shanks I will be gluing to the flatback part.

Pinterest Board


This is a work in progress post. A link to this post will be added to my Commission Archive (carolbelle.com) page. If you wish to refer back to this page at any time, you can find the link there. I’ll be updating as often as possible with my progress.

Otome no Sewing–Book 5 (Spring 2014)


OTS5 - 001

Alice in Wonderland Coord

OTS5 - 002OTS5 - 004OTS5 - 005

  • Long Sleeve Blouse
  • Short Sleeve dress
  • Apron
  • Petticoat
  • Bloomers
  • Headdress

Little Red Riding Hood & Snow White Coords

OTS5 - 003OTS5 - 006OTS5 - 007

  • Hoodie Capelet
  • Short Sleeve Blouse
  • Skirt
  • Corset
  • Headdress
  • Wristlets

OTS5 - 008OTS5 - 009

  • Short sleeve under dress
  • Corset style bodice
  • Overskirt
  • Petticoat
  • Headdress
  • Choker

Other Patterns

  • OTS5 - 010OTS5 - 011OTS5 - 012OTS5 - 015OTS5 - 016OTS5 - 017OTS5 - 018
  • Headdress
  • Wristlets
  • Skirt
  • Jumpskirts Variations 1 and 2
  • Short sleeve fully shirred OP
  • Drop shoulder Bustle Back OP
  • Corset front long hem JSK
  • Salopette
  • Rolled collar (sailor style) shortsleeve OP


OTS5 - 019OTS5 - 020OTS5 - 021


OTS5 - 013OTS5 - 014

Otome no Sewing–Book 4 (Winter 2013)


OTS4 - 001

I think this is one of the first in the Otome series to feature a Kodona style to make. It included a pair of pumpkin pants with built in suspenders, a capelet, and a hat. Not too impressive to me, as I think the previous Gosu Rori books had better “aristocratic” styles for men, like those long coats that I don’t see too often these days. Have we moved away from visual kei or is it still a thing? Someone tell me!

Anyway, here are the patterns within this volume.

Coord #1

OTS4 - 002OTS4 - 003OTS4 - 004OTS4 - 005

  • Bell sleeve blouse
  • Four tiered JSK
  • Skirt
  • Capelet
  • Petticoat
  • Teddy bear bag
  • Rectangular headdress
  • Head bow

Coord #2

OTS4 - 006OTS4 - 007OTS4 - 008OTS4 - 009

  • Fur coat
  • Two tier JSK
  • Three tier “mini” skirt
  • Turtleneck cutsew
  • Bloomers
  • Fur scarf
  • Fur gloves
  • Round fuzzy headdress
  • Twin hair bow combs

Other patterns

OTS4 - 010OTS4 - 011OTS4 - 012OTS4 - 013OTS4 - 014OTS4 - 015OTS4 - 016OTS4 - 017

  • Headdress
  • Button front JSK
  • Long sleeve blouse (2 variations)
  • Spoon bonnet
  • Long sleeve, yoke with long hem OP
  • Mini hat
  • Capelet
  • Kodona pants
  • Yukata (and headdresses
  • Fur trimmed JSK
  • Three tiered, bell long sleeve OP
  • Fur capelet


OTS4 - 018OTS4 - 019OTS4 - 020