Hey everybody!

Thank you all so much for subscribing to my various social media things, like this blog and my YouTube channel! Seeing so much interest in what I do and what I want to teach is really encouraging, and I wanted to reach out and let you all know that I haven’t forgotten my mission or goals.

As of last year, things have been in flux a little bit. I teamed up with a local cosplay shop for a while before we decided to close the physical store. My entire studio was moved twice, and we had to learn how to pick up where we left off. Moving has made filming new tutorials difficult, but I do intend to continue to do this.

From October through February, I worked in a local sewing factory. I learned some amazing techniques regarding efficiency and speed, and using these tools, my business partner and I are developing limited edition items that we produce in bulk ourselves. We can now produce 20 units in our home studio, using the equipment and tools that we have at our disposal.

Currently, my scanning abilities have been limited, but I do still want to keep up with the requests I receive from all my wonderful subscribers. I ask for very little in return, however, as sharing the patterns I have in my library does take some time to provide. I have added a donation button to this blog, and you can give as little or as much as you see fit. Anything you can offer in exchange for the plethora of information and diagrams I provide here on this site would be absolutely appreciated, and I can be sure to continue sharing as much as I can.

New Stuff for Sale!

Alice Apron BlackWe have more Alice aprons in stock! As our first trial run of limited mass production, we went on to create 24 units of Alice aprons, 12 in white and 12 in black. They’re in black now, guys! ^^

We have a new brand called Alt Mode, tied to a new Storenvy page, and we will soon begin taking pre-orders for the aprons.

For sale on my Etsy Store!

New videos are planned to be out in late spring/summer. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep up with diagram requests as best as I can. The Mode a la Belle Etsy store is still open, and commission slots are available as well. So if you have something special in mind for your Lolita closet, let me know!

Mode a la Belle @Etsy

Thanks for your patience, everyone! ^^