So I won’t go into the details of why I’ve been so quiet lately. All I can say is that life sure likes to throw you lemons . . . and more lemons. And laugh maniacally in your face while you try and fail to dodge them. Really, Life is like that asshole friend you never want to invite over but somehow always ends up tagging along with someone else you know and you’re forced to be polite and let them in. Crazy, really.

ANYWAY – I thought I would share some finished projects of mine, for the sake of updating. And maybe I’ll do another sew-along post soon too.

Bloomers from Otome no Sewing 1

Cream Colored Bloomers - PlainCream Colored Bloomers - Fancy

Pajama sets (GLB 21)

Slumber Party Flannel PajamasSlumber Party Flannel Pajamas-2Slumber Party Flannel Pajamas-3Slumber Party Flannel Pajamas-4Slumber Party Flannel Pajamas-5

JSK (Otome no Sewing 3)

Pink Bunny JSK-2Pink Bunny JSK-4Pink Bunny JSK-5

Pina Collection Blouse (GLB 55) <—this one was hard! >.<

Pina Collection Blouse-2Pina Collection Blouse-3Pina Collection Blouse-4Pina Collection Blouse

JSK from Otome no Sewing 2

– Also hard. Tiered skirts with exact lengths are such a pain! I’ll tell you, the next time I make a tiered skirt, I’m just gonna make a bunch of long strips, ruffle them all, attach them until it fits the end. Measuring and then hand basting and gathering was a real pain in my ass, so forget that! Still, it came out okay. 🙂

Pink Dot JSKPink Dot JSK-2Pink Dot JSK-3Pink Dot JSK-4

In Conclusion

I’m trying my best to get back into keeping up this blog. My main website is being turned into a working store (woocommerce FTW), and this will then continue to be my main blog, where I share pictures of progress and rant in general about the fashions I love so much.

You can also visit my Etsy, where these and other items are available for sale!

Other items I offer, non-handmade, are currently available at Storenvy. 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me! I appreciate my readers, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, I would be happy to address them.