Sewing Blog 005My most recent project I decided on came from Gothic & Lolita Bible #47 (I think 48 just came out). Eventually I’ll want to make the pretty JSK they have in there, but I started small – The vest with the lacing on the side.

Now, because of the side lacing, this pattern omits any side pieces, which made my fitting it on the dress form a little awkward. I’m still waiting for new ribbon and buttons to arrive for it, but I’ll show what I’ve done so far.

Putting It Together

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I chose my fabric before hand, having decided I wanted to make a vest out of this gold and black brocade stuff I’ve had left over since the last Labyrinth of Jareth ball I attended. I typically offer to make garments for friends, and sometimes actually follow through with it! Like now. I have a nice pen pal who’s been keeping up with me in letters, and felt like making her a special little something. She’s into darker motifs, loves Juliet et Justine, gothic themes, pirates, that sort of thing. When I saw this vest in issue 47, I decided I found the right pattern for her style. Maybe. Well, anyway, I hope she likes it. ^.^

Since I can’t read the Japanese instructions, I guesstimate. A lot. Sometimes I refer to the picture, but mostly I’m just guessing. I figured this piece was lined, since there were no other pattern pieces provided to finish the edges (like a bias tape, or facing pieces). The other vest in the issue is NOT lined (which I don’t like and will correct).

Copying down the second vest pattern confused the hell out me, with a whole bunch of extra pieces I had no idea were facing pieces – which told me, once I’d figured it out, that there was no lining. Facing is all well and good, but a vest like THAT needs lining.

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This one, at least, did, and it looks gorgeous with that nice black sheen peaking through when it’s done. In the picture on the left and center, I’m pinning all the edges of the lining to the right side of the fabric. Then we turn it inside out through a small hole I left open at the bottom (right pic).

Sewing Blog 013Applying a lining to something like the bodice of a JSK is done much in the same way. The exception being that you would leave the side seams and center back disconnected in order to turn it inside out through the shoulder straps.

Sewing Blog 014Ironing is a requirement when sewing. ALWAYS press your pieces. Trust me, it makes life so much easier. No iron shirking! >.<

Finished! (almost)

I will provide more pictures once the sides are laced, and the buttons attached. But not bad, huh? Look at that pretty lining! ^.^

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