So I got all excited last week when a new (enormous!) shipment arrived at my studio. A brand new industrial sewing machine, a Juki DDL-8700. Holy hell, this thing is fast! It boggles the mind. It makes ruffles with a gathering foot like magic! o.O

Pattern: GLB no.9 (2003) – Innocent World Apron

Okay, okay, I have to calm down again. But wow, is this the best investment I ever made! So I thought I’d start out practicing to use it by making something simple. I had this pattern out already and some extra white fabric lying around, and thought I’d try to make three of them as fast as I could.

Before applying lace and trims, I put together three apron skirts in four minutes or less. I didn’t even think about it.

I used a temporary adhesive to lay down the net lace and trim, usually used for quilting, I believe. It washes out. It sure makes it easier to sew trim on when it stays put (for the most part). And now with this new machine that goes 5500 stitches per minute (before it was 850 on my little Brother CE8080 – heh) I applied the whole border on the skirt, three lines of stitches, in no time flat.

Craft Carol 230Craft Carol 231Craft Carol 232

Sure, it’s a little old-fashioned as far as Lolita goes. But if I recall correctly, Innocent World has been producing this exact same pattern for many years after it appeared in the August 2003 issue of Gothic Lolita Bible. I describe it as a “play apron”, the kind that children (like our dear Alice) would wear to play outside so they didn’t dirty their sweet dresses up too much.

It’s one size and I’ll be adding two button holes on each shoulder strap in the back to make it adjustable for those of us of different height. The pattern suggests putting buttons their instead, which I did the first time I made this apron. Turned out it made the shoulder straps too long for the little person I was making it for – so it makes more sense to put button holes there instead and have the buttons on the waist band.

I will have three of these for sale soon. 🙂