Hi girls!

So, finding projects for myself to make for . . . myself . . . is sometimes a little boring. For me anyway. I want to spice things up and work for someone’s desired outfit. I actually used to take commissions for cosplay costumes when I was more of a youngin’ (Hey, I’m still a youngin’ – but just a little wiser these days). I was less skilled then and somehow still got gigs, with satisfied customers. Some schooling and lots of practice later, I know I could do well.

Do you have that Lolita blouse that you want but isn’t made in your size? Or you need more jumpskirts with shirring? Or just something unique? I will do these things. I have Lolita blouse patterns in three sizes – S, M, L – and plenty of JSK patterns.

My catalogue of patterns is included on this website, and can design around any of them with your choice of fabric and trims. Prices will vary, of course, but please feel free to contact me if this interests you!

Hope to hear from you. 🙂

How to determine your size by measuring yourself.

How to determine your size by measuring yourself.