Recently, talk came up on facing and inner linings. To line or not to line. Well, the solution I found that was best was to make a facing instead of full lining in the bodice, since the measurement and fit can be a little tricky – I recently discovered this with a failed JSK pattern of mine. I will need to turn it into a facing instead, but before I get into the do-over game with that dress, I’m distracting myself with other project. Oh the disappointment of something not fitting right is just terrible! >.<

To help a FB friend of mine, I scanned some instructions that shows how to do a nice facing on a JSK with a full bodice. It’s all in Japanese, but the pictures are pretty easy to follow if you have some sewing experience already. And here I share the full pattern with you.

You’ll need wide enough paper to draft the pattern, but all the measurements are there, and then all you need are the right rulers! Most importantly, you need curved rulers used in pattern drafting – a hip curve and armhole ruler, as well as a straight transparent ruler (to draw the seam allowance, since they are NOT included in the pattern), and an L-square ruler.


Full Bodice JSK – Download