So, while I’m happy to trace all these patterns for everyone, once in a while I feel the need – the need to sew. So I traced a pattern for myself (I have some pending orders for patterns, and I promise I’ll get to them) which was the Innocent World Apron found in Gothic and Lolita Bible Vol. 9 . . .

I was actually inspired to do this one because of my friend. I have a young Lolita friend that I’m somewhat of a mentor to, and she mentioned how she wanted Innocent World’s Apron. It’s a play apron, reminiscent of the kind children would wear out in the garden during late Victorian times or turn of the century.

Either the apron was sold out or it was just too expensive to justify. A little research, though, and I found that exact apron pattern in one of the back issues of GLB. I didn’t have Vol. 9 – so I ordered it from eBay for about $20 bucks. In looking at the rest of the patterns, the apron really seems like the best prize. I want to make it a Xmas gift, so I decided to set to work this weekend making this apron.

Craft Carol 187

Traced the pattern – sometimes when I trace for myself, I get lazy about transferring all the alignment markings, since I always have the pattern to refer to again, which I did. heh…

Craft Carol 188

The panels for the skirt – two back, one center front cut on fold. Sewn and overlocked (I loves me mah overlock machine).

Craft Carol 189

The belt of the apron. This bit was a little confusing. Since my reading of Japanese is a little slow, with much reference through dictionaries and translators, I eventually figured out that this piece of the pattern had written on it: Placed/attached in front of/before the chest piece. And by doing this, I learned even more kanji. Yay, learning. ^.^0

Craft Carol 191

Press everything! EVERYTHING! Your iron is your friend. This is the belt again. Here I only pressed in the seams for the ends, and then one side. The unpressed side is where I attached the skirt – right sides together! How many times do you hear that when sewing? Soooo many… it’s kinda like “righty tighty – lefty loosey” only not as catchy. And less annoying.

Craft Carol 192

Here you can see my basting stitches in black. I already sewed the gathers in this picture, but I basted first to gather. I DO have a ruffler foot, which is awesome. But sometimes good ol’ hand stitching is best.

Craft Carol 193

All gathered!

Craft Carol 194

The skirt is attached to the unpressed edge of the belt piece. Note the lace edging around the hem – I added that before I gathered the skirt. Sometimes it’s easier to do those things before the skirt is gathered and attached to anything. NOT always true. The skirt is open in the back, so I didn’t need to match the ends of the lace or the hem itself.

Craft Carol 195

The chest piece. The ruffled eyelet lace was attached first. I used some galloon lace and threaded 3/8” white double faced satin ribbon through it. The lace was flat at first, but I made the ribbon extra long and gathered it toward the middle. The decoration there can be any kind of ruffled lace – or no lace! – you want. ^^

The shoulder straps are pinned inwards, sandwiching the chest piece. Sew this first all the way to the ends, making an L shape when you’re done stitching. The last edge will be pressed first, with the shoulder ruffled attached, before it’s sewn closed.

Craft Carol 197

The shoulder ruffle. I really thought this was going to be the hardest part! I have an 1/8” narrow hem foot which, as you can see, makes a super fine finished edge. Works great on cotton fabrics. Thought the curves of this ruffle were going to kill my confidence, but somehow I managed it. That little bit of weirdly folded edging gets tucked into the shoulder strap, so it’s okay that it looks like that. Mostly looking good!

Craft Carol 201

More hand stitched basting and now it’s pinned to the markings on the shoulder strap.

Craft Carol 204

Sew and press!

Craft Carol 202

Looking good!Craft Carol 206

The top part gets attached to the skirt. This time, wrong sides together. That little bit at the bottom of the chest piece with the shoulder straps on either side – it gets tucked into the bottom edge of the belt band. When it’s turned up (and pressed!), the belt part gets a top stitch on the bottom edge. This closes it. Then, with the belt laying flat along the bottom of the chest piece, another top stitch goes on the top edge.


Craft Carol 207

The waist ties get a little tuck and are pushed into the openings of the belt band on either side, then stitched over with a top stitch.

Craft Carol 208Craft Carol 209

I haven’t added the buttons or button holes yet, but I just couldn’t wait to show you guys my latest project. Hope you’ll forgive me! ^.^ Not bad though, huh?

Edit: A finished product!