Pink Dye Lot

Craft Carol 139

Craft Carol 140Craft Carol 141Craft Carol 142Craft Carol 143Craft Carol 144

Of these, I only have the dark pinks left. All trims are in 3yd bundles. Shipping is usually around $1.10.

  • 1” Rose Garland (Venice): $3.50
  • 2.5” Heard Bow (Venice): $5
  • 3” Eyelet Trim: $2
  • 4” Embroidered Net Lace: $3
  • 3/4” Scallop: $6

Selling them on Copious here.

Or you just buy directly from me by going to the Contact Me form. Include the bundles you want, your email address, and mailing address. I invoice using Paypal, and send out the package right after receiving payment.

If you don’t see them listed, I might be sleeping, but I’m doing my best to update all relevant listings all the time. ^^;

All trims are also available in white if you want to dye them on your own – or if you just want white trim. Please contact me and we can discuss details.

Minty Green Dye Lot

Craft Carol 145

Craft Carol 146Craft Carol 147Craft Carol 148Craft Carol 149Craft Carol 150

    • 1” Rose Garland (Venice): $3.50
    • 1/2” Scallop: $2.50
    • 3” Eyelet Trim: $2
    • 4” Embroidered Net Lace: $3
    • 1 1/8” Scallop: $6