Hello there, fine people!

I’m Carol Belle, and I’ve been around the ‘net for a while. In lieu of having my own domain name and hosting service, I thought giving a free WordPress account a try instead. Since my website was already a WordPress blog, this seems like a rational move, and I could always choose to upgrade here as well, to have all the same bells and whistles.

If you’re here reading this, you probably already know me. But I suppose an introduction would still be appropriate – new blog, clean slate.

I am what some might call an eccentric. I’ve been in, out, and around for the better part of my twenties, spent doing unconventional things in work and study. Throughout all of that, I love Japan – the language, the culture and pop culture, music, history, and the food! Having discovered a fashion subculture from there called Lolita fashion, I began to collect outfits, magazines, learn makeup techniques, and eventually sewing my own dresses. With a little knowledge from my fashion design school days, I’ve completed a few projects that I can wear with pride. I intend to improve my sewing techniques, and even share designs and patterns with other Lolitas who show interest.

I guess that’s why I created this blog; to be more focused on Lolita fashion and sewing!

My future plans include visiting Japan this year in September, and if I like it (which I mostly likely will), I will migrate there for study and work. Learning Japanese is one of my favorite pastimes . . . when I’m not playing video games, that is!